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Natural Food for Wellness and Strength

Nectar protects and regulates the internal balance of the human body

The power of bee products in our daily nutrition and health



Nectar T is a creamy natural substance that is produced in the glands of the honey bee. This nutritious substance is consumed exclusively by the queen bee, who lives 40 times longer than her worker bees and lays hundreds of eggs per day.


The honey bee has been a favorite symbol of various civilizations, especially in ancient Greece, where it is considered sustenance of the god, Dias. This myth carries over to today’s times in that the honey bee is connected to the root of the power of nature and with well -organized societies.

Worker bees work relentlessly and specifically to create the perfect society and to produce their precious substance. Bees are also responsible for 80% of the pollination that is paramount in the revitalization of nature and the maintenance of the food chain.

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